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AHN provides generous stipends to all our hosts.

Hosting with AHN

Hosting an international student in your home is a bit like bringing the world to you. These students are excited about learning American English and culture. Your gracious and warm welcome improves their chances for academic success and cultural acceptance while far from home.

Students share their own traditions, meals, and beliefs with you. Generous AHN financial stipends make it comfortable for your family to enjoy hosting with special meals or excursions. These are the little things that transform sharing your home with a student into a magical experience.

Watch the AHN hosting video to get a feel for what hosting is like. Our hosts love it and all the richness it brings to their lives, families, and communities. We hope you’ll join us – and be an ambassador for a student who has traveled a long way to meet you.

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“Once I stopped trying to be the right host and just gave into being myself (embarrassing music tastes and all), things started to work, we connected, and we had a blast.”


“I am in contact with many still. My Skype address book is full of their names, and I love getting the holiday email messages from them.”


“Our original agreement was for 5 months, but we all get along so well that we have an open-ended agreement to host him as long as he would like. Our student is 7 years older than my son, and he is like the big brother he never had.”


“And I cried when they left – even after only 2 weeks. My new little brothers.”


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American Homestay Network Featured
on the Scott & Sam Show Nationwide

One of our AHN hosts recently inspired a Good News Story on the beloved national morning radio show, Scott & Sam. Listen to the sweet story of how hosting a middle eastern student changed one Seattle family for the better. Here is the audio or check out the Scott & Sam Show on Facebook.